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2015 – 2017




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Digital Fitness

Digital Fitness


We worked with PwC to improve business’ digital literacy - making it easy and fun for employees to understand their Digital Fitness with bite-sized learning content to help them improve.


For over a decade PwC have run an annual CEO survey called Digital IQ to help businesses better understand how they can use technology to improve their business.

PwC’s research indicated widespread problems with companies reporting that:

  • 63% lack skilled teams
  • 45% have slow or inflexible processes
  • 51% lack new data or technology integrations
  • 63% use outdated or obsolete technologies

While I was at Play we worked with PwC to design an innovative solution to help businesses not only embrace new technology but to help change the company culture to be more innovative, agile and customer focused.


We began with a 2-week Sprint 0 (design Sprint) to: help us understand the problem; propose and iterate on potential solutions; and define/ estimate a potential pilot to prove our idea. A core theme we decided on was moving from focusing on the C-Suite executives to the whole organisation, as ultimately the day-to-day decisions that make a company successful aren’t only made by executives!

After building an initial Marvel prototype to share with stakeholders we built an initial MVP version to test with a PwC client. From that success we built and ran an agile team with myself as Product lead, 1 UX/UI designer, 2 developers, 1 project manager and QA. Working closely with PwC to understand future requirements, pitching feature areas and running the product as a live service. During this time we worked with stakeholders from across the business to allow them to use Digital Fitness for their part of the business.


We focused on building a platform that could be used by an entire company, truly enabling cultural change. The product was eventually built for iOS and responsive web, and can be deeply customised for each company to meet their needs. There are two core parts to the Digital Fitness Assessment, assess and learn.


Through the Digital Fitness app, employees take a short assessment to receive their Digital Fitness score. Having a baseline is important to understanding where you currently are to enable you to identify weak areas and improve. From the Assess portion used are able to see how they performed, but also how they compare to their company and to industry benchmarks. Business leaders can use this data to get a comprehensive picture of their company’s digital fitness.


Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is interesting, but the important part is to help people improve and learn. This is where Advance comes in: employees boost their Digital Fitness score through bite-sized, addictive content contextualised to their organisation.

Personalised employee learning plans are built based on their Digital Fitness score, interests, and behaviours. From our research we learned that users wanted a variety of content types, and to move away from traditional e-learns, to address this the content was designed to be mobile-friendly so it can be completed on-the-go.

Periodically users are prompted to re-Assess, allowing them to see their long-term progression.


Digital Fitness Assessment has been used to improve the digital literacy of hundreds of PwC’s clients and also got launched to all 100,000 of PwC’s employees to help up-skill and drive innovation internally.


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